Five guys who came together to create something very special

What do a retired obstetrician, a health & fitness expert, two marketing guys and a professional soccer development coach have in common...A life long love for the game of soccer that brought them together to invent a unique concept that kids would enjoy playing in the garden or the park, or something that could help coaches and teachers to train grassroots kids to play a better style of soccer.

We believed we had a great idea; so, we did some research to see if there was a concept already out there that really addressed grassroots soccer. Not something that was just a new gimmick for coaching or training, but a concept and game that kids all over the world would want to play.

When we couldn’t find anything we realised we might be on to something and two major themes started to dominate our thoughts...

Could this help kids be better soccer players? Could we help address childhood obesity?

So, that’s what we have aimed to do. Create a game that helps coaches and teachers enhance kids soccer skills and also something that is fun and gets them outdoors playing a fast paced game that helps keep them fit and healthy.

Five guys who came together to create something very special...

The future is circular

The beauty of this concept is that it doesn’t finish with soccer, the same principles apply to other sports also. The ability to create small sided games that inspire quick thinking, decision making, accuracy, time on the ball, competitiveness and skill in field hockey, ice hockey or many other sports will be exactly the same.

  • Circular Futsal
  • Circular Beach Soccer
  • Circular Street Soccer
  • Circular Hockey
  • Circular Ice Hockey
  • Circular Street Hockey
  • Circular Basketball
  • Circular Water Polo
  • Circular Lacrosse

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