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  • The TriGoal™ by Circular Soccer
  • The TriGoal™ by Circular Soccer
With the unique TriGoal™, improve dribbling, shooting, passing, tacking, defending, all in seconds in the fastest football game around.
  • Easy to put up and pack away
  • Full Circular Soccer Kit, with pitch markers, kick off spots, weights and TriGoal™, all in an easy to carry bag
  • Set up anywhere, in the garden, on the beach at the park
  • Lots of ways to play – from one on one to full team matches
  • Burning lots of energy by having football fun
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The TriGoal™ by Circular Soccer

The TriGoal

What’s included:
  • The TriGoal™ – World's first three-sided pop-up net
  • 3x 1kg corner rubber weights for multi-surface
  • 20x orange "No-go zone" silicone discs
  • 3x large blue "Restart" silicone discs
  • 3x steel pegs to use on grass
  • Handy shoulder bag to contain everything