A new global game & training concept

Circular Soccer is for any gender, any level, any surface at anytime. From professional coaching to amateur clubs, in PE classes or in your own garden with friends Circular Soccer is a new way to play the beautiful game.
It engages players quickly and has an unlimited number of uses and drills that range from speed and skill to attacking and defending. Enhancing leadership & developing quick decision making skills through increased creativity.

The simple game of attack and defend, reinvented

  • Circular Soccer - The Concept
  • Circular Soccer - The Concept
  • Circular Soccer - The Concept
  • Circular Soccer - The Concept

From end-to-end...to a Circular format

Our Circular Soccer concept turns the traditional method of playing and training inside boxes, end to end...to playing football in a circular format around a central three-sided net which naturally changes the way players think about space and time on the ball.

Any player of any gender at any level for any team on any surface. Circular Soccer is a revolutionary new concept to add a new dimension to football training for every individual and team at every level.

At the very heart of Circular Soccer are the core principles of creativity and innovation for both coaches, teachers and players.

FIFA Grassroots Development Trials 2014/15

The Circular Soccer concept has been extensively tested. FIFA have recognised this concept as an entirely new approach, which they are integrating into their Global Grassroots Youth Programmes for 2015-2018. The governing body recently undertook Grassroots Development Trials with Circular Soccer at FIFA Headquarters in Zurich and elsewhere around the world. It has also been tested at the elite academies of Manchester United & Blackburn Rovers, alongside national schools and local clubs.

Bringing new life to training drills

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